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Issued by: Giltedge
PRESS RELEASE THE SA TOURISM INDUSTRY GETS A COVID LIFELINE CAPE TOWN, 23 JUNE 2022 – The announcement by the South African Department of Health that COVID restrictions would be dropped entirely – for both domestic and international travel – came as a lifeline for tourism in the country. […]
Issued by: MORE Family Collection
Please attribute Robert More, CEO of MORE Family Collection “With unemployment sitting above 30% and the hospitality being a key player in reducing this, we are delighted with the lifting of all regulations and we can now get back our lives and more importantly our livelihoods”. […]
Issued by: Corporate Traveller
Oz Desai, GM Corporate Traveller The relaxation of rules brings South Africa in line with first world countries, such as the US, which were the first to scrap COVID rules for travel and conferencing. This announcement will without a doubt have a positive impact both on business travel and […]
Issued by: Giltedge
Sean Kritzinger, Executive Chairman at GILTEDGE I believe the repeal of these regulations will be a huge boost for tourism to South Africa and the greater Southern Africa. It is high time to normalise travel as is already happening in other countries around the world. The fact that we […]
Issued by: BON Hotels
Guy Stehlik, CEO BON Hotels At BON Hotels we are to an extent grateful that sanity has eventually prevailed when it comes to the absolute ludicrous rules that have hit our industry, the hospitality industry, the hardest out of every industry in this country. I don’t think there’s any […]
Issued by: Visit Stellenbosch
Today Visit Stellenbosch is hosting the inaugural Meet Stellenbosch a showcase for the business tourism sector in Stellenbosch.  This is such a joyous occasion that we can celebrate the end of restrictions to group gatherings.  The MICE industry has really suffered greatly and we are deeply relieved by this […]