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Issued by: ARC Limited
Nairobi – Five exceptional African students are set to become sustainability changemakers as the first recipients of fully funded climate change scholarships from African Risk Capacity (ARC) Limited and Milliman Inc. The Africa Scholarship Programme aims to empower the next generation of leaders to drive solutions to Africa’s climate […]
Issued by: Corporate Traveller
JOHANNESBURG – In an age where even the brief wait for a coffee feels too long, the business travel scene is undergoing a radical transformation. Welcome to the era of ‘FrictionZero’ Travel, where the concept of ‘waiting’ is as outdated as fax machines. This shift isn’t just about speeding […]
Issued by: FCM
JOHANNESBURG – Business travel is a make-or-break issue for employees. A dream trip can inspire loyalty; a crammed business calendar of red-eye flights might send talent packing. But companies can flip the script by letting HR steer their travel programmes. The result? Happier, more productive travellers who feel valued […]
Issued by: Big Ambitions
New research shows young South Africans may be the most romantic travellers in the world. A recent survey by Flight Centre Travel Group found that 63% of South African Zillennials (Gen Z and Millennials) actively seek romantic connections when traveling abroad – more than respondents from Australia (40%), the […]
Issued by: ARC Limited
JOHANNESBURG – African Risk Capacity Limited (ARC Ltd.) and the United States Government (USG) have entered into a landmark US$11.7 million partnership to safeguard food security and strengthen climate resilience in Africa by increasing access to parametric insurance. The project aims to protect vulnerable smallholder farmers facing increasing climate […]
Issued by: Big Ambitions
– Girls’ trips leave women feeling refreshed (80%), closer to their friends (55%) and inspired (51%) – – In honour of Galentine’s Day (13 February 2024), NCL is encouraging women to take the time to sail away together to top girl’s trip destinations, including Italy, Greece, France and the […]