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Why business travellers need more than just a safety app

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JOHANNESBURG – There’s a new app in town for South African globetrotters with a unique mission: to serve as a lifeline for South Africans abroad. The Travel Smart app by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO), unveiled at the GBTSA conference, allows users to log their trip details, activate live tracking, and receive […]

South Africa’s business travel budgets: How do they stack up globally?

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JOHANNESBURG – With 2024 approaching, many businesses will be reviewing and adjusting their travel budgets in light of spending predictions for the coming year. In terms of benchmarks, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) puts the average global spend at around $829 per business trip (R14,922). A closer look at South African statistics from FCM […]

How business travellers are ditching generic for tailored experiences


JOHANNESBURG – The transformation has been subtle, but the corporate travel experience has fundamentally changed focus. It’s no longer only about the destination or the deals. The new priority is the business traveller – and their unique needs and preferences. The buzzword is ‘hyperpersonalisation’. This means more than just looking at customer data – it’s […]

Business travel bounceback hits full throttle as 2024 sees seat capacity soar


JOHANNESBURG – Africa leads the way in business travel bounce-back with the highest predicted increase in airline seat capacity for the first quarter of 2024. This is according to FCM Consulting’s latest Global Quarterly Trend Report. Seat capacity in Africa sees a predicted increase of 14 per cent in Q1-2024 as compared to 2019, followed […]

Why are your flight tickets costing you so much?


JOHANNESBURG – Why can two corporate colleagues seated next to each other on the same business trip pay vastly different amounts for their flight tickets? It’s a question every single traveller has asked themselves at some point. Unfortunately, the answer is more complex than you might think. But, the New Distribution Capability (NDC) promises to […]

Emerging business travel destinations to watch in 2024

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JOHANNESBURG – Inflation, electricity issues, and rising interest rates paint a challenging picture for many South African companies in the upcoming year.  However, there’s a ray of hope on the horizon: business travel is anticipated to make a comeback in 2024. A Deloitte survey estimated that by the end of 2024 spending will have returned […]

Perks reimagined! Why bosses deserve those airmiles


JOHANNESBURG – Are you plotting your escape from the office to Mauritius for some well-deserved sun-soaked R&R this summer? Lucky you! And if those airmiles you’ve meticulously stockpiled during your 2023 business voyages are financing it, that’s even sweeter. But here’s the twist: is it really fair to your employer? Does the carrot of earning […]

High-flying horrors: The travel emergencies you didn’t see coming

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JOHANNESBURG – You’re settled into your airplane seat, ready to relax and unwind during your flight, when suddenly, a call rings out through the cabin, “Is there a doctor on board?” It’s a scene we’ve all seen in movies, but in reality, in-flight medical emergencies happen more often than you might think. In a recent […]


JOHANNESBURG, 19 OCTOBER 2023 – South Africa’s top vehicle manufacturers, as rated by the country’s vehicle rental and leasing companies, were honoured at this year’s SAVRALA Manufacturer of the Year (MOTY) awards, which were announced at a gala ceremony in Johannesburg today. The 28th edition of the MOTY awards, organised by the Southern African Vehicle […]

Travel per diems stuck in the past as prices skyrocket

South African business travellers are starting to feel the pinch as rising inflation eats into corporate travel budgets. The financial squeeze can really be felt in the shrinking value of daily allowances, or per diems, which cover things like meals, lodging, and getting around while on business trips, shares Bonnie Smith, the GM FCM South […]