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How business travellers are ditching generic for tailored experiences


JOHANNESBURG – The transformation has been subtle, but the corporate travel experience has fundamentally changed focus. It’s no longer only about the destination or the deals. The new priority is the business traveller – and their unique needs and preferences. The buzzword is ‘hyperpersonalisation’. This means more than just looking at customer data – it’s […]

Emerging business travel destinations to watch in 2024

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JOHANNESBURG – Inflation, electricity issues, and rising interest rates paint a challenging picture for many South African companies in the upcoming year.  However, there’s a ray of hope on the horizon: business travel is anticipated to make a comeback in 2024. A Deloitte survey estimated that by the end of 2024 spending will have returned […]

Score a Bleisure Try at the Rugby World Cup in France


JOHANNESBURG – The Rugby World Cup is keeping all of Mzansi glued to their screens currently, and for professionals mixing business and leisure, it’s a prime opportunity to experience this spectacular event first-hand – with some help from the company. “Globally, over two-thirds of business travellers take at least one bleisure trip per year. For […]

Global Business Travel Spending Skyrockets: What South African Businesses Need to Know

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JOHANNESBURG – South African businesses are all set to go global, but they’re bumping into higher price tags that might have them thinking twice about the next face-to-face meeting. The latest research from the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) shows a massive 47% leap in corporate travel spending in 2022. Budgets are being stretched thin, […]

Top Business Etiquette Secrets Revealed


Why Showing Up ‘Fashionably Late’ in Austria Could Cost You a Business Deal! JOHANNESBURG – In-person meetings are important for doing business across borders. According to MIT’s Human Dynamics Lab, face-to-face requests are 34 times more effective than email, and handshakes promote cooperation and positively influence negotiation outcomes. It’s a compelling reason for businesses to […]

Domestic travel risks: What does this mean for duty of care?

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JOHANNESBURG – When taxi strikes hit Cape Town, they left travellers stranded—without means to get to or from the airport. It was a jarring reminder that emergencies can happen close to home, too. According to a recent survey by software company Everbridge, only 24% of companies surveyed have a “Plan B” in place for travel […]

Work Travel Now Means More Work Than Ever

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JOHANNESBURG – Inflation has not only shaken global economies but has fundamentally altered the landscape of business travel. Remember the good old days of lounging in comfy business lounges and enjoying lavish dinners on the company without batting an eye? Well, times have changed. Those on the ground say sky-high ticket prices and tighter company […]

South African visa applicants face hurdles: here’s how to overcome them


JOHANNESBURG – Unmarried, no kids, and a bank balance that’s a little low? Your chances of successfully getting a visa to travel just got slimmer. Not everyone’s equal when it comes to visa applications. Factors such as your marital status, whether or not you have children, ownership of property, how long you’ve worked for the […]

Business travel trends: SA jetsetters travel less, spend more

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JOHANNESBURG – Global travel analysts are predicting that the good old days of business travel might be long gone, and South Africa is no exception. The country’s corporate travel scene has changed due to a combination of post-pandemic challenges, load shedding and rising inflation. According to Bonnie Smith, GM of Corporate Traveller, their latest travel […]