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Booking your own work travel: why it’s a risky business

MEDIA RELEASE Booking your own work travel: why it’s a risky business JOHANNESBURG, 12 OCTOBER 2022 – With a big trip looming, it’s normal to feel a nagging sense of worry that you may have overlooked something important. From forgotten cell phone chargers to unpredictable weather (hello, Hurricane Ian), plenty of potential travel snafus can […]

5 Headwinds Facing Business Travel in South Africa

man standing inside airport looking at LED flight schedule bulletin board

MEDIA RELEASE 5 Headwinds Facing Business Travel in South Africa JOHANNESBURG, 29 SEPTEMBER 2022 – SMEs have been at the forefront of business travel recovery for the past two years. Unfortunately, new macroeconomic challenges in South Africa and globally are currently threatening the recovery of SMEs and business travel, according to a new study by […]