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SATSA releases adventure tourism self-regulation code of good practice for public comment








SATSA announced the release of its Adventure Tourism Self-Regulation Roadmap and Code of Good Practice documents for public comment.

The Code is designed to establish standards and guidelines for adventure tourism operators, with the aim of promoting safety, sustainability, and ethical practices in the industry and positioning Southern Africa as a top adventure destination.

The draft Self-Regulation documents were developed as an initial guide to facilitate rigorous consultation with industry stakeholders, including adventure tourism operators, industry associations, government bodies and community representatives.

The Code aims to provide a framework for adventure tourism operators to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner, while also promoting the growth and development of the adventure tourism industry in Southern Africa. It is hoped that the Code will encourage greater collaboration between operators, industry associations, and other stakeholders, and help to build trust and confidence among consumers.

“Publishing the Adventure Tourism Self-Regulation documents is a significant milestone for the adventure tourism industry in Southern Africa,” said Hannelie du Toit, COO of SATSA. “Following years of work towards this step, we believe that the project will provide a clear framework for operators to follow, resulting in the raising of standards and producing credible products with which we can position Southern Africa as a top adventure destination. We look forward to receiving the incredibly valuable feedback from the industry to ensure that the project aligns with outcomes that benefit the entire industry.”

SATSA is inviting all interested parties to review and provide feedback on the Adventure Tourism Self-Regulation documents which can be accessed here. Public comment will be open for a period of 2 months, ending 31 May 2023. Comments can be submitted to