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TAAG Angola Airlines Formalises Order For Nine Airbus A220s During Paris Air Show


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TAAG Angola Airlines formalised three leasing contracts during the Paris-Le Bourget International Air Show, ordering 9 brand-new Airbus A220-300 aircrafts via lessors, namely ACG, Azorra, and NAC.

Durban, June 21, 2023: TAAG Angola Airlines is thrilled to announce a series of expansion plans aimed at providing enhanced services and greater convenience for our valued passengers. These initiatives reflect our commitment to excellence and our continuous efforts to enhance the travel experience. 

As part of TAAG’s growth plan and multi-brand fleet strategy, TAAG Angola Airlines has recently signed multiple agreements during the Paris Air Show 2023 regarding the incorporation of Airbus A22-300 model aircrafts into our operations, of which this milestone was formalised over three days at the Paris Air Show. All agreements comply with long-term dry lease contracts. In line with our commitment to local empowerment, the aircrafts will have an Angolan crew and an in-country maintenance programme, with proper training provided to the staff. 

Currently, and via international partners (lessors), TAAG has a total of 15 aircrafts in the order book with Airbus, with first deliveries expected in stages from April 2024 onwards.

TAAG order book with Airbus 

Aircraft  Qty  Start of deliveries  Lessor  Signature of the agreement  
Airbus A220  January, 2025 ACG June 19, Paris Air Show 2023 
Airbus A220  July, 2024 Azorra June 20, Paris Air Show 2023 
Airbus A220  TBC, 2025 NAC June 21, Paris Air Show 2023 
Airbus A220  April, 2024 ALC July 18, Farnborough  International Airshow 2022 

The lease agreement format provides the most agile and financially sustainable model, aligning with the company’s current context. 

The A220 family’s advanced aerodynamics, combined with specifically designed turbofan engines, contribute to an aircraft that delivers 25% lower fuel burn per seat, with half the noise footprint and decreased emissions, making it a true community-minded jetliner. TAAG expects to achieve approximately 20% reduction in operational costs globally. 

TAAG’s A220-300 will have capacity for 142 passengers, with 130 in economy class and 12 in business class. The aircraft boasts smart, tech-advanced features suitable for modern-day gadgets, ensuring passengers experience an innovative cabin and superior comfort.  

Furthermore, the addition of the A220 aircraft demonstrates TAAG’s ambition for modernisation and growth as the company builds a versatile fleet capable of meeting market demand under the airline’s expansion plan, including new routes and increased frequencies.

To support our plans, the new state-of-the-art Luanda International Airport is currently under construction and set to be operational in early 2024. This development aligns with TAAG’s strategy to scale our fleet accordingly. Angola’s geostrategic position serves as a competitive advantage, as Luanda is poised to become the next hub for south-south and north-south connections. 


About TAAG 

TAAG Angola Airlines was founded in 1938 and it is based in Luanda, Angola´s capital city. For more than 80 years TAAG has connected Angolans with its key domestic and international markets. TAAG is the leading airline in the country, recognized worldwide for its strong high-yield market, having grown its current network to 14 domestic and 12 international destinations. Its fleet allows, in addition to passenger transport, air cargo services which have become essential for Angola´s growth and development. TAAG is a company that prides itself on a strong track record of service and performance excellence.


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